Friday, 3 February 2012

result of yesterdays calorie count

Ok Ladies so I ve decided to embark on a health and fitness quest.
so ill be posting  every day my progress !!
This is the first calorie count analysis.
*click on the image for full size*
If your looking at the image you'll want to focus on the 2 last bars.
 your requirements and your intakes.
Your intakes will be white or green if doing good
and red if to low or to high.
Personaly I like to stay a bit lower  but Ill try my best to get a nice green card.
 if any of you ladies want to join me  I would love to be able to
encourage you and have you encourage me.
Blessings in Jesus Name.
Ill be posting my next card at midnight.

***Fitness tracker***
mins of cardio 97/60
cal burned  867/450
net cal -1497

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