Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New strange evening!!! Jan 31st COF post

Hi Ladies I had a strange evening last night.
 Ok this isn't in my normal behavior so bare with me.I have heard of a rumor going on around the world of strange noises in the sky. The noises some described them as the sound of Trumpets.So it made my mind wonder a micro second If God sounded the trumpets how come i didnt hear them? So i got dressed went out and Prayed about it.Shortly after what ill refer to as a unknown object in the sky made its appearance.The object in question wasn't one i have seen before so I pulled out my camera and took a video. Now the video is pretty bad quality and I am not good a filming objects that i cant see in my screen very well but I posted it anyway. NOW don't think for 1 minute that the ufo is a blessing from GOD. From what I gathered from it that ufo represents the greatest deception to be. Those Who believe the sounds are the trumpet of God are falling for the great trap laid by satan.Those who believe those sounds are the trumpets, will also fall for the the false messiah.

its been a very weird night dont know what that thing is
but from what God has put into my heart It will be part
of how satan will fool people into thinking the messiah has returned
i dont spend my time looking at the sky but it did intrigue me
that if the trumpets were being sounded. I want to hear them to LOL
so i went out prepared
with my cam encase I could hear the so called trumpets
but ended up witnessing something far more bizarre.
I posted a video on facebook.

I speak french sorry a passer by and i  were looking  at it.

with all that said and done here's my card!!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Example page

Here's an example page of some elements of our new collection!!
I hope you like it.
*yes the 2 kids are mine  Tein on the left and Masani on the right!!*

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Color mini challenge

In our Crafters of faith group Kelly gave us a new mini challenge.
Carolina gave me 3 colors to work with. Olive Green,Cream and Burgundy.
I tried to match those colors as closely as I could.
I also used re-positionable Glue Dots so I could take the card apart once I was done :P
I am more into trinkets and embellishments then cards them self.
I hope you like it.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Supplies ordered!!

Our supply order will be in in about  a week or so.
the moment the supplies are in we will start making order forms.
wish us luck.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Baby set 01 example

Here's an example of our Babyset01.
The designs are digitally drawn by my Husband.
They are his own original work.

Design By:Kalez
Concept By: Me

New Flower

New paper flower.
I tried to put together a new flower style.
I made this one in blue * My favorite color*
I am not sure what I'll use it on yet.

Hope you like it.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sneak Peek #5

This one is a real treat.

sneak peek 4

Here's another sneak peek at our new designs.
To see more click this link.
Stamp By Faith

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sneak peek #3

Just got back from church and felt like being generous.
so I'll now let you have a peek and design #3

Saturday, 14 January 2012

More baby collection

Here's another small peek at our baby collection.
The designs are made by my husband and the concepts by me.
Feel free to comment on them or to send us suggestions
we take requests as well.

Friday, 13 January 2012

First of Many

Today my Husband and I finished a few of our own designs the day went by fairly quickly.
My daughter will be home in a few minutes.
And the weekend starts I am just so Blessed lately I made a new group of friends.
God sent me major life Changing opportunities  and I grabbed them.
I have been waiting on the Lord for so Long for something new to happen in my life and I really think that this is it.

**Edit** found another cool batch of stickers with buterfly stencils look a like <3 so blesssssed
Thank you Jesus.

here's a small peek at my projects

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Walmart trip

So my mother came and picked me up.
We went to walmart and stood in the crafting aisles for over an hour.
I found a few things I wanted and other things.
I could have used but didn't need at the moment.
This is what I got!

Aileenes clear glue.
3 small 85 ml spray bottles **I make my own supplies**
a new pack of butterfly stickers

Might not seem like much but theses 3 things
needed to be added to my supplies :P

so now that I posted my Blogging of the day
I'll get back to my butterfly making <3
Blessings in Jesus name all.

Going to walmart

I am going to walmart in an hr or two.
I don't have anything to buy in mind ATM but I am sure ill find something.
I have 359 sheets of designer paper I almost don't use cause I am afraid of wasting it.
I am guess I am gona have to get brave and start cutting it up.
Now that I think of it I could use some new cardstock.
and mabey some storage containers...
I guess I'll find out when I get there.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Tips and Tricks # 1

I am gona share with guys a very good money saver trick as well as a quick substitute.
Todays trick and tip will be on butterflies.
I love butterflies but since I am new to what I call manual art
I don't always have the supplies or the money
or worst yet my local craft store doesn't have what I need.

I went to my local craft supply store
and found these really pretty sparkly embossed butterfly stickers.
I Payed 2.06$  but that wasn't all I got theses stickers come on a clear packaging sheet.

Take a look at what I found !!
There in the clearing theres the butterfly
etched into the plastic.
Thats right under all these stickers are the etched
copies now i figured i could do 2 things with them
1- I can cut them out and have clear butterflies to use
as some sort of embellishment.
2- With a little work and time I have a whole new set of butterfly stencils.

My new stencil and my Creation in progress.

 Tip #2  sticker backed foam critters.
At your local dollar store *cheaper*
or your craft supply stores.

Look for foam critters,shapes ect...

Here's the few tricks I found using theses.
1-you can trace them and then cut them and then doctorate them.
2-use them as they are and make them even more pretty *they aren't very pretty*
3- paint,color or ink them to stamp them and then cut them out.
4- this is the moment I have been waiting to share.
The ones with sticker backs already have a punched out layer of paper
you can use that layer as punched out image and decorate it as you would
any punched out image.

Now I am not the best manual artist so bare with me.
But for you who are more experience and advance and talented
just think of what you could do if i was able to make theses?

I hope this tip was helpful God Bless.

Valentines/ Feb Bible verse Card

I couldn’t wait any longer I had to post my Card.
I based it on my 2nd valentine’s day layout.
I didn’t use any designer paper with this one.
I Made the butterflies using the the paper on the back of foam butterfly stickers.
I couldn’t  find a punch at our crafts store ….
I hand painted them added glitter and gems.
The flowers I used are  from a pack of 250 pc from the dollar store
There is so much we can do with those I Can’t wait to show you what new styles i came up with.
I think overall  It turned out pretty nice
and very semilar to my layout sketch.
I left out the Hearts :P
I prefer to glorify God not a man made festivity.

Valentines day digital layouts

Design By Faith

My first post on my new blog.
Welcome to my artistic design blog this one is dedicated
to lift up the Lord.
For a few weeks now i have gotten into manual art such as crafting,painting,folding cutting and pasting.
I am not into scrap-booking per say I am more into
Creating artworks to glorify God.
Let me tell you how I came about a beautiful site full of  talented Ladies.
I woke up one day thinking  it was time to teach my 6 year old to memorize scripture verses. So i asked my friends and family members on where to start with what verses etc.
after hours of searching for the perfect method to help my kids and myself included to memorize scriptures I finally came across the crafting idea at first it was mostly coloring and cutting and pasting words in order. But then i searched a bit deeper and I came across what was called the divine design bible verse challenge the 2008 version  I was blown away by the beautiful artwork.
I then decided to try it and have my kids try it and they love it.
Not only do we put allot of work into our cards but but we work on memorizing the scripture at the same time the craft is the reward we get for working on the memorization.
As an artist *mostly digital *
Designing works of art is a hobby of mine but now I can enjoy my self
indulge my self in a little me time and family time and at the same time Glorify my King . How great is that in my busy bee schedule I have time for my hobbies and Time for my walk with God.
1 Corinthians 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
so if your a crafter or designer like me what better way to put him first but to include HIM in our activities 
By the way I need to share this The Lord put this title into my heart and also made it available for me to use Design by Faith.
I know the scripture tells us to walk by faith not by sight the same is for crafting for me My inspiration comes from God he is the master artist after all.
My first Divine Design Bible challenge card
If you haven’t yet fount this forum I suggest you check it out.
Hope to see you there.
Divine Design Bible Verse Challenge 2012