Monday, 9 January 2012

Tips and Tricks # 1

I am gona share with guys a very good money saver trick as well as a quick substitute.
Todays trick and tip will be on butterflies.
I love butterflies but since I am new to what I call manual art
I don't always have the supplies or the money
or worst yet my local craft store doesn't have what I need.

I went to my local craft supply store
and found these really pretty sparkly embossed butterfly stickers.
I Payed 2.06$  but that wasn't all I got theses stickers come on a clear packaging sheet.

Take a look at what I found !!
There in the clearing theres the butterfly
etched into the plastic.
Thats right under all these stickers are the etched
copies now i figured i could do 2 things with them
1- I can cut them out and have clear butterflies to use
as some sort of embellishment.
2- With a little work and time I have a whole new set of butterfly stencils.

My new stencil and my Creation in progress.

 Tip #2  sticker backed foam critters.
At your local dollar store *cheaper*
or your craft supply stores.

Look for foam critters,shapes ect...

Here's the few tricks I found using theses.
1-you can trace them and then cut them and then doctorate them.
2-use them as they are and make them even more pretty *they aren't very pretty*
3- paint,color or ink them to stamp them and then cut them out.
4- this is the moment I have been waiting to share.
The ones with sticker backs already have a punched out layer of paper
you can use that layer as punched out image and decorate it as you would
any punched out image.

Now I am not the best manual artist so bare with me.
But for you who are more experience and advance and talented
just think of what you could do if i was able to make theses?

I hope this tip was helpful God Bless.


  1. very creative! Wow! I would have never thought of these :)

  2. Thank you.
    Well then i am happy I was able to give you a new tip or trick.
    I love the dollar store.
    I find it a lot cheaper on my budget and I found a lot of stuff I wasn't able to find at my local craft store.
    I know many crafters love to sell they're art and what not so I hope this tip is helpful.
    It's really all about perspective and creativeness.

  3. what a great Eye and a great ideal, always looking to save a bit and find a way to use everything. lol Im like you with the paper

  4. Thank you. Yes my paper is to gorgeous i am afraid ill miss cut or something and waste it. I have to be brave I have to be confident.
    Your cards a gorgeous Liz real works of art !!!