Monday, 9 January 2012

Design By Faith

My first post on my new blog.
Welcome to my artistic design blog this one is dedicated
to lift up the Lord.
For a few weeks now i have gotten into manual art such as crafting,painting,folding cutting and pasting.
I am not into scrap-booking per say I am more into
Creating artworks to glorify God.
Let me tell you how I came about a beautiful site full of  talented Ladies.
I woke up one day thinking  it was time to teach my 6 year old to memorize scripture verses. So i asked my friends and family members on where to start with what verses etc.
after hours of searching for the perfect method to help my kids and myself included to memorize scriptures I finally came across the crafting idea at first it was mostly coloring and cutting and pasting words in order. But then i searched a bit deeper and I came across what was called the divine design bible verse challenge the 2008 version  I was blown away by the beautiful artwork.
I then decided to try it and have my kids try it and they love it.
Not only do we put allot of work into our cards but but we work on memorizing the scripture at the same time the craft is the reward we get for working on the memorization.
As an artist *mostly digital *
Designing works of art is a hobby of mine but now I can enjoy my self
indulge my self in a little me time and family time and at the same time Glorify my King . How great is that in my busy bee schedule I have time for my hobbies and Time for my walk with God.
1 Corinthians 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
so if your a crafter or designer like me what better way to put him first but to include HIM in our activities 
By the way I need to share this The Lord put this title into my heart and also made it available for me to use Design by Faith.
I know the scripture tells us to walk by faith not by sight the same is for crafting for me My inspiration comes from God he is the master artist after all.
My first Divine Design Bible challenge card
If you haven’t yet fount this forum I suggest you check it out.
Hope to see you there.
Divine Design Bible Verse Challenge 2012

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