Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New strange evening!!! Jan 31st COF post

Hi Ladies I had a strange evening last night.
 Ok this isn't in my normal behavior so bare with me.I have heard of a rumor going on around the world of strange noises in the sky. The noises some described them as the sound of Trumpets.So it made my mind wonder a micro second If God sounded the trumpets how come i didnt hear them? So i got dressed went out and Prayed about it.Shortly after what ill refer to as a unknown object in the sky made its appearance.The object in question wasn't one i have seen before so I pulled out my camera and took a video. Now the video is pretty bad quality and I am not good a filming objects that i cant see in my screen very well but I posted it anyway. NOW don't think for 1 minute that the ufo is a blessing from GOD. From what I gathered from it that ufo represents the greatest deception to be. Those Who believe the sounds are the trumpet of God are falling for the great trap laid by satan.Those who believe those sounds are the trumpets, will also fall for the the false messiah.

its been a very weird night dont know what that thing is
but from what God has put into my heart It will be part
of how satan will fool people into thinking the messiah has returned
i dont spend my time looking at the sky but it did intrigue me
that if the trumpets were being sounded. I want to hear them to LOL
so i went out prepared
with my cam encase I could hear the so called trumpets
but ended up witnessing something far more bizarre.
I posted a video on facebook.

I speak french sorry a passer by and i  were looking  at it.

with all that said and done here's my card!!


  1. Very nice Cynthia!

    I feel sorry for people that will believe anything & everything. According to the bible; we will ALL hear & see when He decides to come again. I never fall for such foolishness & will pray for those that do.

  2. This is very pretty Cynthia. I'm glad we are in this blog group together.

    I agree with Jackie's comments on the people that fall for everything. I will pray.

  3. Thank you Ladies again I posted it because I felt the Lord asking me to I am not a ufo hunter I barely set foot out side lol
    ohh and Ladies My supplies are in YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovely creation, Cynthia. Hang on to the truth and listen to your heart. HE will always direct us, if we listen to HIM. ~Blessings~

  5. Love the scripture you used Cynthia!!!. I can't wait for HIm to come. The world can't go like this much longer. Beautiful card.

  6. Oh Cynthia, it's been so nice meeting you first and foremost! You have such a refreshing way about you and you are not one shy to share your faith - AMEN, sistah! I have to agree with Jackie as well that we indeed will know - I'll be sure to head over to see your video as soon as I finish the blog rounds :)

    Your card - fantastic!! I hope your stamps arrived in time! Is this one of yours? Lovely job on the paper, the beauty!

    Blessings to you, my friend! x0x0

  7. Your card is very pretty, love the colors on it.
    I posted already on here but don't see it???

  8. very sweet! Jackie is so right - we wont miss it!!! will try to get over to see your video,

  9. Love your scripture used on this pretty card.