Thursday, 2 February 2012

calori counting

Ok so i decided to start a new diet based on counting my calories.
and I am shocked that with all the good food i ate and bought that this thing is telling me i am not doing things right.
whats in green is  good amount whats in red is to much.
now let me press on that this is 1 meal with drinks + my cappucino from befor  dinner.
the meal was   1 thin slice chicken breast sandwich slices of chedar cheese with 1 tbs of creamy caesar dressing with a small side  of scallop potatoes and a small portion of corn.
2 portions of motts garden vegetable cocktail drink.

and that amounts to almost a full days worth of calories ???
i am doing something wrong i think.


  1. What a neat tracker ...and a great way to keep accountable! Blessings!

  2. OH My! I would ask where you got this, but I'm scared my inputs would be ALL red! LOL I wish you the best with your healthy life style. Keep it up! :)


      that's where and i follow a second opinion to

      It really encourages to eat good healthy foods.
      and it allows you to see what you might need to stop eating or eat in small amounts.

      if you decide to join in keep me posted so we can encourage each other :P